Monday, January 22, 2018

Waiting For Spring Volume 4 Review

With an important game up for the Elite Four and Aya still trying to woo Mitsuki while the Basketball tournament is the main focus and the relationship questions play in the background for half of the volume. With the other half being dedicated to the Elite Four, in general, trying to show Mitsuki a good time. While Mitsuki tries to determine her feelings for Asakura and Asakura is his sleepy and disarmingly charming self while also being a little more assertive. For a series mostly about an introverted people pleaser, this was a volume that dedicated a large amount to the psychology behind sports and the ebb and flow of a Basketball game. Anashin-Sensei shows an aptitude for plotting and drawing the motion of a Basketball game while also keeping the focus on the characters. It's this back and forth from Mitsuki in the crowd to Asakura, Miyamoto, Wakamiya, and Ryuji on the court. Showing that it all really does matter both becausMitsuki wants to be supportive and the importance of the game to the boys. Making the first half move effortless with the flow of the game and had me legitimately sad at the outcome which is saying something since I am not a sports person. With the second half being dedicated to Mitsuki's growth and giving some focus to the boys yet it all focuses again on Mitsuki and her feelings for Asakura. While Asakura is disarming in his charm and simply comes off as a real treat to watch the subtle wooing he tries to put forth on Mitsuki. It's an understated almost relationship that feels like an honest depiction of trying to break someone out of their emotional shell while also letting your intentions slowly be known. Also while having a decent dollop of humor from Reina still being the photograph-snapping fangirl to end all fangirls complete with her own imaginary universe where the male cast hangs out with each other. To the repeatedly embarrassed reactions of Mitsuki and Ryuji at the thought of going to the beach and seeing Nanase-San and the Elite Four in swimsuits respectively. While not as cerebral as volume three this is a volume that shows beneath the introspective moments is a series that still has a big heart and a way with interlacing Basketball action and emotions and not have it feel bifurcated or like two stories haphazardly stitched together.

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