Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Water Dragon's Bride Volume Five Review

Court intrigue repressed feelings and slow-dawning feelings abound along with assassination plots and sympathetic magic. Asahi continues to try and figure out how to protect the village while also almost getting abducted for the second time by Kogahiko. While The Water Dragon God finds himself beginning to feel emotions he did not know possible to feel for Asahi while Subaru finally makes the plainly obvious abundantly clear as concerns his feelings for Asahi. If anything this volume feels more like a slow revelation of The Water Dragon God as a character finding within himself emotions that he did not think possible while Asahi is still very much the pure and self-sacrificing maiden. She is learning a kind of implicit trust in The Water Dragon God made abundantly clear when Kogahiko attempts to kidnap Asahi and Asahi thinks that she never really had to worry because Water Dragon God would be there for her. Made even more obvious by his receiving of Asahi's flower and given that action's significance in the fertility festival if that foreshadows some later story development I do not know. Yet to see the often aloof and detached Water dragon God give into petty jealousies and self-revelation of his own slow growing fondness for Asahi is if nothing else something to behold. Mostly because Toma-Sensei sees fit to do this in subtle changes to Water Dragon God's facial expressions. Or the softening of his eyes from the icy disinterested gaze he normally has a more emotive look filled with subtle desire for his betrothed. This use of showing the emotional growth of the characters through subtle shot progression and sparse interior monologue makes for a title that is subtle and at times wistful. While also unafraid to have large emotive events as well.

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