Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Monster Secret Volume 10 Review

Leading to the ending of a first arc and the beginning of a new relationship between Youko and Asahi while also having friends sabotage his attempts to make things right. Also an entire storyline where Akari becomes a local celebrity after Akane transforms into her and becomes the Middle-Aged Single Magical Girl with a drinking problem. That ends up getting turned into a TV show while Akari still harbors delusions about her literal prince on a white horse coming for her. While Shimada ends up pathetically attached Ryo who is only using him as a meal ticket. If anything this volume had probably the best set up in the series with Akane being unusealy nice to Akari. Before what Akari has actually done is brought to Akane's attention seeing the usual self-absorbed Akane in many being obsequiously nice to a perplexed Akari. Tthan there the theme song for Middle-Aged Girl Magical Akalyn which plays up Akari's hard drinking spinster persona on national TV. IT's not all laughing at other people's pain (except Shimada) as the glacially paced almost romance fianly begins after a few false starts and an impromptu confession from Nagisa and rumors about Asahi essentaly becomeing a harem protgainst after a slew of rumors fly about. To Yuko being honest with herself in a moment that has a great use of paneling building up to the emotional crsendo of the mutial confession between the two. Even Asahi confessing that he finds all of Youko's little Vampire tics cute. It's adorable and the awkward meet-up after the fact makes it all the more adorable. Continues to have crisp comic timeing and a loveable gorup of dense and dimwitted charcters.

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