Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dreamin' Sun Volume 6 Review

Shimana becomes wracked with anxiety after learning of Taiga's previous relationship with a teacher at Shimana's school which Shimana thinks is a romantic attachment of some kind despite Taiga's denial of it being anything like that and instead simply being simple admiration. While Zen continues to carry a torch for Shimana and even at one point tries to get Shimana to go out with him. Still, Shimana struggles with her remaining feelings for Taiga and Taiga simply does not know how to feel about women in general and dating the significantly much younger Shimana and his own latent anxieties about women in general. Very much a volume dedicated to the internal struggles of a relationship what to do when you have broken up when your feelings still run hot for an ex or you worry about the past of your significant other. The interiority and cerebral nature of the story make it thoughtful and Shimana while struggling with her remaining feelings for Taiga and the uncertain status of their relationship for most of the volume. It captures all the troubles of being in love but also consumed with jealousy as well. While Taiga struggles with a brittle cynicism and withering contempt/fear of women. It's very much a relationship that is strange not for the most part due to the age difference but mostly that both feel so emotionally immature and unsure. It's painful to watch the two flounder about in their recriminations and unspoken feelings and yet also honest. The focus on the aftermath of the relationship is what makes for such a compelling volume continuing to develop the inner lives of Shimana and Taiga while also keeping the right amount of comedy as well to keep it from being oppressively morose. While design-wise Takano-Sensei's use of framing and page design with tight close-ups close-cropped boxes and rectangles to give it all an emotionally claustrophobic feel in some scenes and deep intimacy in others. Showing a freer and more free-form use of the visual grammar. While avoiding the sometimes cramped and old-fashioned design elements that existed in earlier volumes.

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