Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty Volume 3 Review

Tetsu continues to try and socialize Shizu while hiding the fact that he's receiving financial compensation for it from Shizu's mother. While focusing in parts on Shizu getting to experience normal everyday things for the first time leading to such adorable moments as her walking in place just to experience the sound of school shoes walking on the school floor.For the most part, the volume is used to develop Tetsu's character. Having been a rather two-dimensional mixture of slow dawning romantic feelings and tight-fisted penny-pincher. Instead of showing that his avariciousness may come more from some sort of hero complex than merely being obsessed with money for its own sake. In fact the whole backstory of Tetsu's involvement in soccer and leaving the soccer team. Show a conflicted side to him that is refreshing given how seemingly stale his character could have become if this storyline had not been explored. Still secrets and half-truths loom over Tetsu's relationship with Shizu like the proverbial Sword of Damocles. With Mirei making a re-appearance to be the teller of hard truths to Tetsu as she still finds him dishonest and disingenuous. Maturing our protagonist and giving Shizu some agency make the story richer in this volume and while it feels the trajectory of the story will be one of slow dawning romance between Tetsu and Shizu. Having a story arc express the past of the character makes for a story that is more of a study of characters than a mere collection of problems to be fixed by some vague appeal to love or platitudes about friendship. the use of page layout in some scenes is able to give a feel of three dimensions of spatial depth given the point of view. Or simply allowing a scene to hold on a character and give the audience a chance to be engulfed by the emotion while avoiding glacial pacing or Andrei Tarkovsky like long takes of simple everyday experiences. While the prominent use of flashback reminded me of the volumes long story arc in Kare Kano which was actually one of my favorite parts of the series. With strong interiority and self-reflective moments, the series is maturing continually.

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