Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Golden Kamuy Volume 4 Review

With wintery backgrounds that leave the audience with a chill painstakingly drawn food and an expanding rouge's gallery volume, four of Golden Kamuy continues to impress with Noda-Sensei's eye for detail combined with crisp nuanced character writing. Particularly Tsurumi who goes from being a mentally unstable war veteran with a devoted band of followers to an Anti-Villain seeking to provide for those crushed under the wheels of modernization or forgotten by the military establishment. Then there's Tatsuma Ushiyama who is simply a human tank powered by his appetite for sex and violence at one point Judo sweeping a draft horse put in his way. While Hijikata continues to set his plan in motion and the groundwork is laid a potential fight between Hijikata and Tsurumi in latter volumes which I'm sure if it happens will be a sight to behold. Still, it's hard to find new ways to praise the volume from its odd little bits of comedy such as Shiraishi luminescent blushing and sparkling over a captured Tanuki. To the methodical and quiet planning on how to capture a Steller's Sea Eagle and prepare its claws for eating which again oddly Noda-Sensei is able the unlikely of thing look appetizing simply by the attention to detail in the eagle claws. While Kazuo Henmi the infamous serial killer is introduced in the last chapter a blood-curdling study in the depravity of man with his narration of why he became a killer adding only more to the grim amoral mindset of Henmi. Also, the volume does go back a little and establish Toraji and Umeko's bond as well as Toraji and Sugimoto's friendship. Giving more reason to care for Sugimoto's motivation to do right by his friend and his Widow. In conclusion another strong volume in this hardboiled adventure tale which makes it hard to write about as it's very easy to simply repeat it over and over that this series is good and you should read it. Yet I figure that's the best kind of problem for a series to have that the quality never dips nothing feels rushed or hurried and in short craftsmanship wins out over mere escapism.

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