Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Takane & Hana Volume One Review

Forced to pretend to be her older sister in an arranged marriage meeting that goes horribly wrong sensable High School girl Hana Nonomura ends up in a not quite relationship with Takane Saibara the arrogant and cynical "son of privilege". Takane is the grandson of the owner of the conglomerate Hana's Father works for. Continuing to try and understand the inscrutable Takane who also tries to woo her with money and expensive gifts while Hana tries to understand Takane on a deeper level who he is beyond the facade and image he projects due to his station in life and class. A series built around strong-willed personalities quickly pace sharp-tongued quips and the overbearing specter of class on a relationship. For a first volume, everything is set in place for Takane & Hana to be a series that is an enjoyable read a sort of Post-Modern Jane Austin comedy of manners. While Takane is very much arrogant and cynical there also seems to be some hints at a troubled past. While Hana is the best character in the volume brassy and brash but also considerate as well. Seeing her play off of Takane's arrogance while also compete with him is an interesting battle of the wills and wits. While not staggeringly original with a well written female lead and occasionally inspired fourth-wall breaking jokes. Future volumes look promising as Takane and Hana have to navigate the social minefield along with the love-hate relationship they have with each other. The first volume sets up the framing narrative well and introduces the cast although it does get repetitive to have the framing narrative told again at the beginning of several chapters. I chalk this more to the volume's genesis in a serialized magazine and it is far from the worst thing for a series to be guilty of. Solid and accessible Shojo that is most of all fun.

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