Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight Vol. 2 Review

Picking up from the end of volume one Nana and Kaede now they begin dating officially after Kaede's manager tries to trick Nana into breaking off the relationship by making Nana think that Kaede is a womanizer. While also having to juggle the secretive nature of their relationship, finding time for each other. and what looks like a potential rival in Nana's childhood friend Akira. All while Nana finds herself becoming more and more attracted to Kaede physically and acting on those desires. Much to her chagrin as she tries to keep up her straight-laced appearance while secrets from her past are also revealed as well. Volume two continues the almost narcotic-like dream with Nana while seemingly plain personality wise is slowly becoming a bit of a minx by the end of the volume with Kaede more than willing oblige Nana's burgeoning womanly desires. Yet it's still charmingly awkward and chaste despite Kaede's more overt interest in the more physical aspects of a relationship. It's salacious a will they or won't they until the end and. I found it all positively infectious to read from superstitiously stole indirect kisses to Nana admiring Kade's sleeping form. Mikimoto-Sensei's art does not disappoint when it comes to the fanservice, to say the least. If the first volume felt like a dream this volume is more the dream realized and now living in the reality of that fulfilled dream. Combined with coming to terms with burgeoning desires, petty jealousies, and unknown rivals. In short still, very much a give the audience what they want title which does lead to some rather cliche story elements. If anything this was never a dull read from the dates to questions of fidelity to Nana's burgeoning sexuality it's a story that is briskly paced and never breaks the spell of the narrative. So it can be said while not highly original it is highly immersive story partially due to the use of internal monologue and the surreptitious conversations and dates Nana and Kaede are forced to have due to Kaede's celebrity status. Giving the feeling of a personal emotional "cocoon" of sorts for the young couple making me almost drunk on the sexual tension. It's this longing the interior life of Nana's sexual awakening that made the most substantial impact on the volume. While not also shying from the comedy that showcases Nana's awkward stumbling attempts at intimacy such as when over at Kaede's apartment so she can study Nana sees him playing with his dog while he gets ready to feed it. She dreamily wishes to be showered with affection like Kaede's dog. Only to cut to a scene of Kaede giving Nana a snack and telling her to eat it. Cue Nana handing her balled up hand and barking at Kaede partially out of nerves. It's a scene that shows the awkward tension that Nana has while also highlighting aspects of Kaede's personality beyond the fairy tale prince Nana thinks him to be earlier on. While also capturing the growth their relationship has taken. Slow steady relationship progress and character development combined with other possible stories in future volumes having the groundwork for those stories laid down as well make this a good continuation of an already strong first volume.

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