Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Delicious In Dungeon Volume Three Review

By far the most fantasy-like of the dungeon crawling and cooking Manga series with Laios and his party further entering into the deeper realms of the Dungeon in hopes to save Laios's sister Farin. While still occasionally focused on cooking the various creatures for sustenance. This volume has some of the most creative meals in the series so far from Tentacle Gnocchi with Giant Frog meat to tentacle and Kelpie Stew prepared with Undine. This is mostly a volume focused on developing the characters and building up not only the dangers of the dungeon be it from the monsters, boobie-traps or even an undercooked giant parasite that sets Laios low with food poisoning. While also fleshing out the ecosystem and strange magical properties of the dungeon. Volume three not only shows the growth of the characters be it an entire chapter dedicated to Marcille as a student and her friendship with Farin and Marcille's goal to create a "safe" dungeon to raise magical herbs. While growth continues for the characters normally level-headed Marcille desperately trying to go on with her raid party despite depleting her Mana reserves in a battle with an Undine. Is an impressive bit of character observation. Made only more powerful due to the fact that we now know what Farin means to Marcille thanks in part to the flashback chapter. While Laios is still dense in a lot of areas he does show some quick thinking such as when fighting the Ivy Tentacles or making suits out of the Giant Frogs so the paralyzing venom of the Tentacles does not affect the party. Kui-Sense has also shown an improved sense of space, motion, and use of panel layout especially true in the utterly tense almost claustrophobic battle Marcille has with the Undine fighting against not only the mystical creature but her rapidly depleting Mana reserves and blood loss. It's a well-executed fight scene in a Manga known more for its almost photorealistic depictions of food. Even the impending dread of the Kraken as it rises from the depths and that battle on water. Shows that the series is more than one joke repeated ad infinitum but can have compelling fights that feel like real stakes are involved be it survival or simply trying to get the next meal. Showing a maturity in characterization and a vast improvement over the stiff art of the first two volumes being able to convey emotion and take by surprise at the sometimes savage actions of the Dungeon's monsters. In particular when the Undine snipes a character in all its gory detail which is stomach churning but also shows an eye for detail found more in a Takao Saito Manga.

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