Monday, September 25, 2017

Plum Crazy! tales of a tiger-striped cat Vol. 2: Review

Plum continues to have to deal with Snowball's constant bullying Mom gets separation anxiety when Snowball is boarded with their neighbor's cat Princess. While Snowball continues to be an enfant terrible while the social hierarchy of the cats is further expressed and the days blend together with the cats continuing to interact with each other. Volume two has much more dialogue than volume two but continues to be an enjoyable read as it looks at the social dynamics of the cats and even shows how Plum became a member of the family and that while she can be exceedingly patient sometimes frustration gets the best of her. In one scene in which she knocks over Snow Ball's food bowl in a fit of peak only to have it backfire by making it look like Plum noticed a small metal shard in it. Being praised effusively for what is perceived as a good deed makes the poor cat feel exceedingly guilty it's a nice little piece of character writing that gives depth to Plum's character. A number of short Four Panel style Manga are included as well. This does give the cats an interior monologue with the choice by the translator giving Snowball a childish lisp and ending things with "Nya" the Japanese Onomatopoeia for meow. Making for quick paced light humor pieces in between the slice of life chapters. Overall a continued strong showing for the cat Manga with its detailed old-fashioned art and excellent panel layout. A relaxing work that is a simple respite from the more complex and haggard reality of life. Still highly recommended for cat fanciers and Slice of Life addicts. Not for those looking for a complex story or multifaceted nuanced characterization. Yet the simplicity works one would not expect byzantine character arcs in a Cat Manga and for keeping it simple the series succeeds. While also showing how a pet owner has to juggle their affection for pets as one does not want to be guilty of favoritism.

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