Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dreamin' Sun Vol. 3 Review

Still out in the rain after running out of the house for yelling at her friends in a fit of pique Shimana get progressively more soaked and wonders if any of her housemates will come to her rescue. Completely dismissing the idea of Zen coming to save her only to have Zen escort her back home and get a bad cold for his troubles and Shimana ends up taking care of Zen and learns his secret dream of becoming a Mangaka and also being introduced to Zen's older brother the retired semi-pro boxer Ken who is also a former classmate of Taiga. Ken ends up crashing at the house after a breakup with his girlfriend. While Zen tries to reignite his brother's passion for his dream and get his feelings out for Shimana. Shimana finds herself developing feelings for Taiga who still sees her as a kid. Wow! This volume!! I did not know I wanted to see Shimana with Taiga this badly honestly for the first two volumes I really wanted Zen to end up with Shimana but he's now confessed his feelings and been rejected. It's a well-executed scene Zen is his same awkward self and it does hurt to see him get rejected but it feels like Zen and Shimana would better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. As Zen is often times thoughtful and he really is a sweetheart beneath his bumbling oafish Tsundere exterior. Yet as adorable as Zen's attempts at confessing are or Shimana trying to encourage him in his dream. A major sub-theme being "follow your dreams "and yes it may be a cliché but it's expressed with such earnestness. That I couldn't fault the series for it. This entire volume for me was all about Shimana realizing that she is developing a crush on Taiga. That's right our sweet little dewy-eyed school girl now has a crush on the hard drinking, chain smoking, Lawyer. This could have been a disaster of epic proportions instead it ends up feeling so natural that I actually found myself cheering on Shimana's attempts at trying to sort out her feelings for Taiga while feeling conflicted because she wants Miku to end up with Taiga as well. I really hope there is a conversation between Miku and Shimana at some point in a future volume because this unintentional love triangle is just too good to remain dormant. While Asahi simply feels like that doomed first love that was never meant to be. IT's really hard to express how much Shimana falling for Taiga knocked me for a loop and how much I ended up supporting this. It actually feels really natural. Nothing may come of it and Shimana could easily be construed as someone who loves being in love. Yet she feels all too earnest conflicted for this to be a schoolgirl crush. With a storyline, I didn't see coming and multiple themes and new characters growing the cast beyond the core domestic comedy. Volume three continues to make this series a must read Shojo Manga. While also having wonderfully expressive art that has cinematography in scenes that give a real three-dimensional feel to the proceedings. While the panel layout captures without words Shimana's feelings from wordless close-ups of her reaching out for Taiga's hand. Zen confessing his feelings seeing the embarrassment and tears in his eyes. Takano expertly captures the bitter-sweet feelings of love with only well-placed dialogue and simple un-fussy character design. A strong continuation of an already great series while also introducing emotional complexity and depth of motivation and a little bit of irony as well. It's really hard to not devolve into platitudes for this Manga but it is simply that good to see this strong amount of quality writing with no perceivable dip in it between volumes even with a controversial new element

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