Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Waiting for Spring Volume One: review

Mitsuki an introverted girl who longs for friendship but can't find the right way to broach the interactions with her classmates ends up becoming the friend of the four most popular guys on the basketball team after a misunderstanding in which one of them accidentally confesses to her when they want to confess to one of her co-workers. Forming a relationship with her classmate Towa Asakura who of the four seems most interested in helping her come out of her shell. While Mitsuki also gains a friend in Yamada the fan girl of the fabulous foursome and at the end being the unexpected reunion with her childhood friend Aya-Chan only to learn something surprising about the cool girl she idolized. Waiting for Spring captures the pains of being an introvert while also trying to juggle the fraught social politics of adolescence Mitsuki is a girl that it's easy to cheer for as she gamely tries to deal not only with her newly gained guy friends who are just as prone to tease her as do little kind things like play a pick up game with local kids and while Towa is the boy Mitsuki seems to be falling for through out this volume. He is mostly kind of spacey and above the pack of squealing fan girls. In short, he is "chill" but also a bit flirty as the volume progresses with Mitsuki which given the school's strict "no dating" for the Basketball team will surely have some kind of drama in later volumes. In short while not much happens just the simple ebb and flow of life combined with Mitsuki's interior monologs and halting attempts at trying to interact with others. For a girl who seemingly gets lost in the background, Mitsuki is an engaging heroine filled with realistic concerns when it would be so easy to write her as a flat self-insert for the audience she gets a sense of interiority that is all her own. While the boys are very much so far a mysterious other with the exception of Towa. Which it could be argued that it makes them flat but given that the story is told from the perspective of Mitsuki that flat or one dimensional element can simply be chalked up to a girl not knowing how to deal with it all along with the fact that other than Towa Mitsuki only has limited interactions with the other three boys. This was a series I highly anticipated in 2016 and made one of my most anticipated series of 2017 and honestly, it does live up to my expectations making for a refreshing and sweet look at growing up, putting yourself out there to interact with others, and falling in love.

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