Saturday, July 1, 2017

Concrete Revolutio The Complete Saga: Review

I want to start off by saying I adore the Anime is based on it is smart, creative and original chronicling an deeply cynical view of heroism while also wistfully longing for it to exist as well it was number four on my best of 2015 list (admittedly it was outranked by Chaos Dragon so nobody is perfect). I say this because I don't want anyone to think my dislike of the adaptation means I dislike the source material or to turn anyone off from watching the twenty-four episode Anime this is based on. Concrete Revolutio chronicles an alternate history where super humans, Monsters, and magical beings exist Kikko is a young girl who also happens to be a witch who gets recruited by Jiro Hitohoshi an agent of The Superhuman Bureau that works as a kind of social services and law enforcement branch for Super Humans under the purview of the government. Becoming involved in cases while also harboring a crush on Jiro and wondering how to balance the needs of the many with the needs of the few. As an adaptation this is an awfully adaptation some of this could be because of it only being two volumes whereas the Anime had twenty-four episodes to build up and develop character and even some side characters some such as Earth-chan the robot with a simplistic black and white morality and conception of right and wrong or Judas the reformed villain are completely removed from the story. I could go on about the large secondary cast that is removed completely and how that weakens the story but that would just be me griping about storylines not being included and the overall series being weaker for it but with only two volumes to cover a series something needs to be cut and honestly the non-inclusion of secondary characters is a minor problem. In comparison to the greater and more glaring writing and characterization problems in the series. From two chapters that focus on a Christmas themed story for no real reason and feels completely superfluous to the overall story. To the weak character writing with Jiro being reduced to a cardboard cut out of a protagonist feeling more like an archetype than a real flesh and blood person. While what Kikko is subjected to is probably the most depressing part of the series as she is little more than a cipher for the audience when she is not being reduced to a fan service object. While almost every secondary character is a one-note surface level version of themselves and almost all of the social criticism is gutted replaced instead for a lame below the surface never resolved love triangle between Kikko, Jiro, and Emi and ham-fisted stiffly drawn action scenes comparable to the wooden and stagnate Mecha battles in the Manga of Kannazuki no Miko. In conclusion, this is an awful adaptation of a great Anime, I wouldn't even recommend this to completest or people who want a cheaper alternative to importing the Blu-ray or DVDs of the series from Japan. as it is simply a really lackluster adaptation of a deep and meaningful series. I really wish I could say something nice but I can't it's just so pedestrian and average it's awful.

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