Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer 2017 Anime Series I am most excited For

For me, my top three that I'm most excited for is The continuation of Re: Creators which was my second best of the Spring Season after Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul but I think it takes more risks than Virgin Soul so I'm a little more excited to continue watching it. Made In Abyss at number two if only because it's such an unknown quantity to me and the cute character design combined with the post-apocalyptic storyline appeals to me. At three is Hajimete no Gal for no other reason than I like Gal type characters and I'm a sucker for romance. Honorable mention goes to Aho Girl because it has Sugita Tomokazu, and Yuuki, Aoi playing off of each other in a comedy so that should be amusing. Princess Principal simply because I like to support original content and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan which is a stab in the dark. I'm also excited for Saiyuuki Reload Blast, as the first two season were some of the first series I watched when I got back into Anime in in 2010. so the franchise has always had a soft spot in my heart for helping reignite the love I have for the medium of Anime. Als, Son Gokuu is such a loveable dork in that series.

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