Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness: Review

Chronicling the emotional, psychological and sexual dysfunction of its author My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is a harrowing emotionally lacerating work done in an art style comparable to Natsume Ono. This is a deep dive into the self-analysis of a woman who has been through much emotional and psychological pain parts of it rang eerily true to me. While others I could not relate to in particular Kabi's desire to be touched I myself loathe being touched finding the experience comparable to being buried in a pit of squirming earthworms. Narratively it is very stream of conscious, no real forward momentum but occasional "rest stops" to reflect on everything from the author's compulsive eating the scene of her looking at the aftermath of a blood-flecked brick of instant ramen brought me to tears. This is also the first Manga I can ever say actually drove me to pray for the strength to finish it to the end oftentimes it feels like an examination of the past wreckage of one's life or the moral inventory one takes in a 12 step program. By the end of the volume I could rejoice with Kabi in her emotional "new life" at finding some kind of closure yet ultimately this joy at seeing a woman who almost felt like a new friend to me is tinged with bittersweetness because ultimately mere determination and belief in self as helpful or as needed as that may be for the walking wounded. Will have no real lasting peace, This is the part of the review that I fear will drive many away and it is not my intention to needlessly wound anyone with these words. Yet I feel it must be said. Lesbianism will offer no real wholeness female Same-sex Attraction will not wipe away the tears of the broken and pain begrimed life that is existence in this veil of tears. It may numb the pain of living or you may delude yourself into thinking this is just who you are or happiness is found in accepting this but ultimate wholeness can only come through faith, repentance, and trust in The Triune God of Scripture and allow the family of God that is the local church to become your family. This is ultimately what happens when one comes to God in Faith and is Regenerated not the reason why one comes to faith as a Monergistic act of God. We are to Repent and believe in Christ's Atonement and receive His Righteousness while He propitiates our sin before a Holy God In short being regenerated is not for the "goodies" this new life offers (wholeness, joy, and fellowship among the myriad of other blessings). Of course, I realize this solution flies in the face of the accepted common knowledge and Japan having an infinitesimal Christin population this is very much "singing hymns to a horse." But I felt I at least needed to say this for honesty's sake as the consensecious in the reviews and impressions of this work have been that Lesbianism is a moral good or at least a morally neutral "thing" (for lack of a better word). With that being said still this is a work that ought to be read widely as it is that rare exercise of emotional honesty in Art that makes the medium as a conduit for human empathy. Often times while reading it I found myself thinking "my goodness it's like the second coming of Okazaki, Kyoko!!" Who I should note as an aside is my favorite Mangaka of all time. A pure and raw work of an artistic voice that has a bravery that astonishes and yet I still can't help but feel a deep aching sadness for Kabi both because her struggles are human, all too Human but also because I having been in some similar circumstances and having been regenerated by the Triune God of The Christian Scriptures. Now know where true peace comes from it doesn't mean that I'm "fixed" or that everything is perfect I'm still very much a work in progress but I have something more than the will o the wisp of my own personhood and self-belief to hang on to. But I digress and I hate to be so didactic in a review but it's out of love and concern because I think mollycoddling people in their sin is ultimately the most unloving thing someone can do. In conclusion, this is a masterpiece and is possibly the best Manga I have read all year. Brutal, joyful, sad, and sweet My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is a must read for Christians who want at least a little bit of a "peak" into the mind of a Lesbian and learn to love this particular Lesbian. In her shared humanity and Image Of God while more generally it's simply an honest story I'd recommend to anyone who loves good writing. I may have cattily mocked Seven Seas licensing of this as a brave act when it was first announced but no this is indeed a brave act even if ultimately the fulfillment found within its pages is an artificial paradise. Post Script: I don't normally attach post scripts to reviews but I figured since this could be a discussion that generates more heat than light I thought I'd at least list a few Christian books that deal with Same Sex Attraction if anyone is interested in learning more about Human Sexuality from a Christian standpoint. That is beyond my own limited capacities or want to dig deeper than the sometimes superficial clich├ęs Christians parrot at people who have Same Sex Attraction my listing these books, however, is not an unqualified endorsement. The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor's Journey into Christian Faith and Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality by Wesley Hill Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope by Christopher Yuan and Is God anti-gay? (Questions Christians Ask) by Sam Allberry Also not specifically dealing with Homosexuality and Lesbianism but helpful spiritual resources none the less are these books: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen and Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification by Sinclair B. Ferguson If anybody reads this and disagrees with the more Didactic parts of this review know that I am trying to live out Ephesians 4:15 and if I've wounded you or made you angry I ask your forgiveness for I am still a halting and stammering son of Adam before anything else and only want to say there is hope and peace for those that struggle with Same-sex Attraction and 1 Corinthians 6:11 thankfully is still scripture.

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