Friday, May 26, 2017

Delicious In Dungeon by Ryoko Kui: Voluime One Review

The story of the hungry and unlucky party of Knight Laius Thorden, Halfling Lock pick Chilchack, and Elvin mage Marcille who are in a race against time to get to a dragon that has eaten Laius's sister Farlyn before she is digested. Only problem is they have no food or money for food. So Laius comes up with the plan to eat the monsters in the dungeon. Marcille is aghast at eating any of the assorted creepy crawlies that exist in the dungeon on top of sensibly stating that none of them know how to prepare the various monsters. That is until they meet Senshi a Dwarven adventurer who knows how to prepare innumerable monster based delicacies who helps them know how to prepare the various creatures while tagging along with the hopes of getting some of the Dragon Laius and his band hope to slay to save Laius's slowly digesting sister. The amount of humor one finds in the idea of eating monsters taken from a D&D Monster Manuel will depend on not only familiarity with the monsters but also tropes associated with them. Particularly true with the Basilisk and Mandrake these are helpfully explained and the ensuing dishes are delicious to look at which is sad that no such dishes as Mandrake and Basilisk omelets or Roast Basilisk will ever exist in reality. It's odd to find the idea of something like Giant Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hot Pot made with Slime drawn so tantalizingly but it is a testament to Kui's draftsmanship from glistening slabs of Basilisk Bacon to fresh and crispy deep-fried Mandrake Kakiage with Giant Bat tempura. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. Yet this series is not just a odd cooking Manga it is also a Slayerssque middle brow fantasy yarn with all the snappy repartee one could expect from a close group of adventurers. Making for an interesting hybrid of a series that simply is the most fun I've had reading a Manga in recent memory that also made me hungry. In short this is a series one can savor and just feel relaxed watching Laius and crew slog through the dungeon and discover new unknown Epicurean delights while they try to save his sister. This is a series that makes me hungry thinking about the dishes and how I could make approximations of the dishes in this volume in real life. If one seeks a fun read with a touch of whimsical tweaking of Fantasy tropes look no further it will be a rollicking good time but bitter sweet because you can't reach into the book and eat the monster based cuisine so lovingly drawn therein.

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