Thursday, March 2, 2017

Scum's Wish Episode Eight Review

With episode Mugi and Hanabi finally work up the courage respective crushes while Sanae's cousin shows up Atsuya Kirishima to attend the same cram school as Sanae only to interior monologue about the crush he has on his cousin and generally be awkward and stilted. This was probably the best episode of the series I've seen none of that fixes the horrendous solipsistic character writing and saying it's the best episode of this series doesn't mean that I think it's good it's the episode that's made me the least angry so far. Atsuya is a bumbling bundle of social awkwardness and the conversation between him and Sanae has all the realism of an overheated Tumblr post on gender that comes from a place of crackling ignorance. While Mugi actually works up the courage to confess to Akane and well Akane being who she is simply thinks of him as a new plaything for her to emotionally use. It's shallow and cheap but than again that has pretty much been Akane's character an over the top villain that is missing all but the requisite black hat to make in glaringly obvious. Mugi has a twinge of guilt as the series feels the need to throw the "fake romance turns into real romance" cliché between Mugi and Hanabi. While Hanabi continues to polish her memories of Kanai who honestly feels like the male version of Nana Komatsu in that in his case he feels like a character from a Shojo Manga plopped into an cynical Seinen Manga. Much like how Nana felt like an idealistic Shojo heroine put in a realistic Shojo Manga. I still like Kanai but he's just kind of an outlier and all I know about him is how Hanabi perceives and the possibly fictional encounter he has had with Akane. While Atsuya is kind of simply in the way for no real reason to add drama but who knows at only four episodes left either things will speed up way fast or slow down rather way I'll be thankful when this travesty is over.

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