Thursday, March 9, 2017

Scum's Wish Episode 9: Review

Hanabi and Sanae get away to Sanae's family's cabin to what looks to be a "couple's weekend" for Sanae and a chance for Hanabi to get away from her own feelings after being rejected by Kanai only to have to put up with Sanae's cousin Atsuya already being at the cabin much to Sanae's consternation and Hanabi's befuddlement. What happens is a long and drawn out break up of Sanae and Hanabi's not quite relationship and hints at a possible relationship between Atsuya and Sanae. While Mugi continues his "relationship" with Akane. This episode tried to make me care about Hanabi and Sanae and honestly if a series still cannot convince me of the authenticity of character's actions nine episodes in it's hard to think I ever will be convinced. Sanae is still weirdly possessive (I don't know if I've every talked about her characterization in detail before)of Hanabi but never feels like a character that authentically understands the difference between admiration, love, and lust one could chalk this up to her being young but the cardinal sin of this series has been an inauthenticity and almost solipsistic obsession with the character's inner life. While trying to endue Hanabi with some sense of nobility is also superficial as it all circles back to how Hanabi feels making for a bland and turgid experience about a character I can not be bothered to even care about as ultimately the entire narrative is about her feelings but not in anyway that says anything profound about human condition. This is simply the reverse scared side of the same coin that a series like Socrates in Love or Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Soraabout. While Scum's Wish simply reverses the purity of love and focuses on the broken sexuality of the charcters without any real insight. This is especially true of Akane who is now guilty of a criminal act on top of being wanton Akane even though she is only in the last few minutes of the episode has all the presence of an black cloaked melodrama villain it's hard to take her seriously at all and I think psychologizing her depravity takes away any real responsibility for her actions some people simply do evil because they want to do evil not out of compulsion or brokenness but simply because they can. It's gard to watch this series becuese it tries to be profound but simply having broken people and sex does not make a series profound or mature it just fills it with broken people and sex. While I'm not denying that one could find deeper meaning in this series that is more because the viewer is trying to find that profundity. Taken for what it is and as it is presented this is simply Sundome with more introspection. The diffrince between Scum's Wish ad a series like Hand Shakers is while Hand Shakers is admittedly awful as far as every aspect of the series is concerned it is at least enertaingly bad. Scum's Wish is simply self important and offensive.

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