Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scum's Wish Episode 11 Review

Akane and Kanai goon a couple's getaway and Akane does some deep soul searching about how she really feels and why she does what she does until Kanai unconditionally accepts Akane and proposes marriage that she accepts. The episode ends with Akane telling Mugi and breaking of their relationship while Mugi confesses that he always loved the "broken" Akane. For a series that has been so much about artifice and presentation over reality and artifice and fantasy over reality and honesty this has to be the most honest episode of the series honestly giving Akane a real human heart and not the two dimensional villain she has been for the first ten episodes. The entire first half focusing on Kanai who is if nothing chivalrous and considerate which baffles Akane and tries to find a way to "corrupt" the overgrown boy scout. IT's kind of funny and sweet to see Akane kind of baffled by the fact that someone would be willing to accept her as she is even if she ends up hurting him. This could all devolve into some kind of codependency or hero complex on Kanai's part but honestly at this point I'll take what ever shred of human tenderness I can get from this series which up until this point has been stifling and suffocating in it's angst leaving the series feeling like an long self indulgent journal entry from someone with no real emotional maturity or someone's idea of what that might be like. Yet it still took ten episodes of wallowing in the stultifying emotional stygian to get to this point and as enjoyable as this episode was as a respite from that. It all feels tonally off and with only one more episode I think everything will end up feeling rushed and while I hold out hope for a conclusive ending I don't know if closure will equal satisfaction or it could end up like season two of Tokyo Ghoul. I don't know I know I'll just be happy this experience is over because it has been one of the most dispiriting experiences watching Anime I have had other than watching Violence Jack

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