Thursday, March 16, 2017

Scum's Wish Episode 10 Review

An entire episode that focuses almost completely on Akane her inner life and her relationships past and her present relationships with both Mugi and Kanai and her overall psychology. I wish I could say I cared about any of this but it's pretty much what's been hinted at and what I figured would be Akane's Raison d'ĂȘtre she has no morals and no scruples it would be easy to simply write her off as a one dimensional sociopath and while I would love dearly to say that this doesn't happen the series honestly does just this she becomes self aware but there no real introspection in the latter half as she simply still juggles the two relationships and Kanai still continues to feel like he is in the wrong series feeling almost "too good for this sinful earth" level of purity. I really wish I had some profound insight about what this series is trying to say but it is so lost in it's own head an criticism I have made since the beginning that it feels unreal. In the end this is a series that I have come not to hate or loath but simply to endure to the end because I have given up the will to care about any of these people and simply endure each new episode of a grim determination brought on by the Sunk-cost fallacy so thankfully two more episodes and than I drive a steak through the heart of this monster and safely put it at the top of my Worst of The Year list which it has so richly earned the number one spot. Also from a technical standpoint despite some nifty visual tricks with rose petals or camera angles this is probably the worst looking episode of the series with character design looking and feeling like cheap Studio Deen designs from one of their lesser BL series like Junjo Romantica. This was never a pretty looking series but this episode had such bland lifeless character movement and color choice that felt frankly nauseating.

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