Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scum's Wish Episode Six Review

Hanabi now has to process her emotions with Akane's revelation at the end of episode five while Mugi now has to deal with the constant affections of Moka and Ebato is happily continuing the destructive relationship she has with Hanabi and Hanabi tries to beat Akane at her own game trying to seduce one of Akane's previous conquests and tentatively start dating Mugi. While Kanai is relegated to the background and a flashback and dream sequence. While not as solipsistic as the last episode it is very much another episode in Hanabi's head and as I've said previously being self-aware does not make this series profound it instead is one protracted Emo interior monologue that shows very little self-awareness on Hanabi's part sure she realizes she can't be as amoral as Akane but that's part of the problem no matter how hormonal a teenager may be to take it to this extreme reads less like a realistic depiction of the fumbling awakening of teenage sexuality and more like some kind of melodramatic fan fiction or adult misremembering of what adolescence is. The only par that felt real was Moka and her feelings to relegate her confession to the last few minutes of the episode is a disservice because it is really the only real or honest emotional beat in the series everything else being a facial cynicism masquerading as hard truth. Making sexuality depressing does not invest it with any deeper significance. Self-absorbed people using each other is not profound it is a hollow testament to the noetic effect of sin and that is really the only good thing I can find in this episode other than Moka's reappearance even though she frankly got short-shrift.

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