Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter 2017 Anime season First Impressions and Blog Update

Quick Update on what I'm watching the Winter 2017 season and review plans for the blog. First up are review plans While I still plan to review volume three of The Irregular at Magic High School this is not only the longest novel in the series so far with 284 pages total it also starts my least favorite arc from the Anime The Nine School Competition Arc. While it is not bad I find it really hard to write reviews for something that is just okay while this volume also continues the problem of Sato. Spending too much time trying to construct his world and the narrative scaffolding for this arc that plot and character progression often comes to a screeching halt so it's been a struggle to finish this volume up. Anime wise this season is while not barren I'm not a person who likes to think every new season is awful because I can at least find something to enjoy. The real surprise for me this season is The Saga of Tanya the Evil the first work ever by brand new Studio Studio Nut which is mostly staffed with old Madhouse employees. Adapted from a series of Light Novels this tells the story of nine year old Tanya a violent and brutally rutheless military leader who also happens to be a nine year old girl. The world Tanya inhabits is similar to World War One era Europe with Tanya seemingly part of what is a stand in for Imperial Germany. It's a grim series with historically accurate horrors of war from Mustard Gas attacks, tank columns and trench warfare. Watching the first episode I could practically smell the mud, blood, and death in the battle field and while the idea of an Nine year old girl controlling a platoon and using a kind of magical technology may seem a little goofy it's played so straight that none of it feels unintendedly comical in it's self-seriousness. While the other series in Winter are either things I already liked such as KonoSuba season two and Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen wich with two episodes so far have made for both the funniest series of the year so far and a master class in good direction and voice acting and writing a truly mature drama. Others have been continuations of series from last season such as ClassicaLoid wich is frankly hit or miss having some truly inventive and weird episodes combined with episodes that simply feel like filler. All Out!! Has come off of two really strong episodes that have helped flesh out a number of the charcters beyond one dimensional archetypes. While Time Boken 24 is very much a educational kid's show with interesting mecha design and transformation but a very "of the week" plot structure. Hand Shakers is without a doubt the worst thing I'm still watching the series I have dropped either ended up being boring or creepy and thus not really engaging. Hand Shakers has problems ranging from backgrounds that don't even look like the same world the characters are in to baffling errors of sinking up voice acting with the characters mouth movements to an abuse of filter effects and weird spacial elements due to the camera work. The only saving grace is the sound direction and music other than that it is a baffling power fantasy that hurts to look at. As far as the blog more reviews will be comeing but as I've said working through the latest volume of The Irregular At Magic High School is has been a chore and I will finish it it's honestly a lackluster volume and I may pass on reviewing this one and instead review Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody or volume one of the Konosuba Light Novel not to mention the amount of Manga and Light Novels that have been lisincesd as of late from the orginal Magical Girl Raising Project Light Novels to Seven Seas liscinceing everything from Dragon Half to the Record of The Loddos War Novel. In short I will not be without much of anything to read for the forseable future. SO reviews wil be comeing but it's just a process of having pre-orders come in and finishing up other things I am reading now. So with that Winter 2017 does have it's few gems but for the most part not much of anything that makes for a huge community wide discussion on par with last year's Re:Zero.

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