Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Backlog Edition

Recently, Crunchyroll acquired streaming rights to a bunch of titles from Nozomi Entertainment several I had dropped at some point or always meant to watch but never got around to watching them along with finishing up a series I had dropped and an OVA I had not had the chance to watch. This will be a series of quick reviews on each of the titles I finished. First are Onegai☆Teacher and Onegai☆Twins I watched both series dubbed as rule I don't like dubs as I find them wooden and stagey and the English language voice actors in these series nothing to make me more appreciative of dubs. Although it was nice to see Hoffman, Bridget as Mizuho Kazami as Hoffman was the English language voice of Belldandy in Oh My Goddess which was one the series that helped me get back into Anime. Onegai Teacher involves the protagonist Kei finding out that his new teacher is actualy an extrterstial observer and the romantic drama that ensues after he claims that she is his wife. It's really basic romantic comedy and certen parts of it feel written to explain away the ethical quandaries of student marrying his teacher it's slight but fun with an art style lokks old and kind cheap. Onegai Twins works a kind of sequel with the charcters from the first series in the background but this ti,me involveing the oprhedn tennage computer designer Maiku who finds out that girls are claiming to be his long lost twin sister what ensues are a sometimesfrustateingly thoughtful look at what constutes family with unfunny jokes about inscest and fan service so blatent that it becomes laughable of the two Onegai Twins is actualy better as it has diftirent tonal shifts and while wish fuffilment doe not feel as transeparently so as Onegai Teacher both seires also came with an OVA that is essentialy a threteenth episode but so derail the charcteresation of the series that they are not worth watching unless one is a compleateist. Mahoutsukai Tai! OVA: Directed and written by Junichi Satou (Sailor Moon TV and Junkers Come Here!) is a story of a group of misfit school club of wizards and witches who have to save the world form potential alien invasion while also having romantic comedy hijinx. The animation is pretty and the overall story flows okay but the humor is the style of Slayers and just doesn't work for me. Junjou Romantica: Yaoi Anime that got three seasons helmed by Studio Deen (they get a supriseing amount of Yaoi tossed there way)tells the story of three couples and has a distressing amount of "rapey" content in it along with charcter archetypes that you may love or hate depending on how you like your Yaoi. But worse than being bad it's dull and the hilariously off model animation doesn't help and large parts of it wher soporific attempts at drama or one of the charcter complaining about the relationship they are in lots of Tsundere pouting on the side of the Uke. Bland boarderline offensive and unenegageing. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Aharem Anime in wich the gimmick is that one of the heroines could end up being the lead's long lost half-sister. It's cheap has a gross concept and overly convoluted premise that has one glareingly eeasy and simple solution that is never wplored. Thankful the series solves the "mystery" of who the little sister is in episode 12 while episode 13 became an OVA. This was oeginaly in 2012 during what could be said to have been the hight of the seeming little sister craze in Anime and it's really again not that good as again it looks cheap. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA: an OVA included with a copy of the Light Novel this made me laugh in spite of myself with the crew getting the most of the fact that could do things on an OVA unencumbered by Television standards and practices. With Kazuma thiking he only has four days to live after putting on a magical choker found in Wiz's shop the rest of the cast make an effort to make his last days on earth peaceful but this being the cast of Konosuba nothing goes right Kazuma makes creepy perverted requests of the girls my personal favroute being him thrusting his crotch in the face Megumin after she says she hopes "it" breaks. Only for Kazuma to get a blast of hot spring water up his butt. Or confessing to various things the girls didid'nt know he did because he thinks he is on death's door. In short it is eberything I loved about the orginal TV series only able to go even farther thanks to it being an OVA. Deintely worth a watch if you were a fan of the orginal series.

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