Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Stream 2016: Classicaloid: First Impressions

The original production by Studio Sunrise and NHK being directed by Yoichi Fujita was the series I have been waiting months for and it does not fail to impress the story of Highschool students Sōsuke Kagura a wannabe musician and his childhood friend Kanae Otowa who in the process of haveing to deal with her grandmother's home being foreclosed and set up for demolition now has to also deal with two freeloaders in the abnormal personages of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who go about wreaking havoc and making a nuisance of themselves. Classicaloid was the I was most excited about haveing waited for months for it to finally be released for Simulcast in the United States and now haveing watched it I am not disappointed in the slightest it is a raucous stew of bright prismatic colors loud physical comedy and absurdity. While the comedy is much the vein of traditional Manzai style humor with Kanae being the put-upon straight man while Beethoven and Mozart wreak havoc and she reacts rather understandably it is the over the top nature of the composer's actions. From Beethoven going on a long impassioned speech about Goyza to the mystery behind them and what they are it is a series brimming with energy while some could say it's overwrought the few downbeat moments of Kanae reminiscing over past memories of her Grandmother or Sōsuke expositioning backstory settle the series and ground it in the reality of the fictional universe. instead of it feeling like a collection of unstructured self-contained gags. Being about Classical music this is one where while I don't know a lot about Classical music I thankfully was not lost completely when pieces were used in the series and overall it also didn't feel like a dry lecture but captured the joy and enthusiasm found in the piece. I have no idea what future episodes hold but if they can keep up this level of enthusiasm and passion combined with visual polish this will be the best Anime of the year.

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