Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Final Fall Stream 2016 and The Final The Stream: Classicaloid Episode 3

First, as a preface this will be the last streaming post I will be doing as I've loved reviewing episodes week to week I find that others are simply doing it better and while I will continue to review the occasional show as strikes my fancy given the sheer volume of Anime I am watching it watching all of that and writing a weekly review is a bit too much for me so I am retiring The Stream after a good run. Episode three introduces two new Classicaloids Frédéric Chopin who is now a social anxiety ridden Hikikomori who lives in a spare room in Kanae's rental property and Franz Liszt who is now a woman obsessed with love. Again this sort of zany wackiness is par for the course and is something I find enjoyable but those who are bigger fans of Classical Music may again feel this does not take the subject matter seriously but we are dealing with a series that has a Gyoza obsessed Beethoven so I don't think historical accuracy was ever one of its strong points. Visually thankfully this had more movement than last episode and the surreal mindscapes created by the music of the composers are a real visual feast but not much happens other than the introduction of the two new composers and the same comedy beats wich I enjoy.

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