Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Stream 2016: Classicaloid Episode 2

Most of the focus is one Kanae for this week's episode as she is still the put-upon straight man fro the wacky antics of Mozart and Beethoven. You think this would make her unlikable but it actually makes her more sympathetic as she has to be the mature one. Especially with Mozart now convinced that she is in love with him until her Birthday comes up and he gets slapped into remembering his musik after he gives a highly inappropriate gift to her. This episode was more of the first the joke about Beethoven being obsessed with Gyoza is still there it makes no sense but logic has never been the strong point of this series ever. While animation is severly limmited with most of it being limited animation stills more as a cost saving measure to the benafift for the flashy musical spectacle towards the end of the series. It's kind of like watching a motion comic but I can understand why it was done. Overall this episode is more the same from episode one and I still enjoy it but anyone expecting a serious treatment of classical music is going to be sorely disappointed as an exercise in anarchic comedy it works as tool of education it is hit or miss.

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