Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall 20116: Plans and Shows I'm intrested In

Fall 2016 is soon to be upon us and with that a whole new crop of shows to watch so now I get to lay out what I'll be watching and or reviewing this year. Of course, this all depends on whether any of these series get picked up legally as I had planned to watch Macross Delta earlier this year but no one picked up so I missed out on it. With that out of the way onto with the show, first is Hibike! Euphonium 2 now I recently finished the first season and really enjoyed it but man fans need to shut up about shipping it sometimes feel like fans would rather use this use this series as a political football or fodder for their fan fiction than discuss the actual merits of the series. I liked Kumiko Oumae as the protagonist in the first season because she is curt, sometimes cold and outwardly harsh while inwardly kind in short, not the normal super moe girl protagonist one sees in Kyoto Anime productions same goes for Reina as well although my favourite girl has to have been Sapphire "Midori" Kawashima. I have no idea what will happen but if the production is as strong as the first I'll be happy I just may have to recuse myself from community discussions of it to keep enjoying the series. Next up is Keijo!!!!!!!! also known as Hip Whip Girl a fanservice heavy Sports Anime about girls who compete in competitions in wich they try to shove each other off a small dais in the middle of a pool using only their "ahem" assets for the purpose of gambling. I don't like Sports Anime as a rule but this looks fun and this has Mao Ichimichi in it and she turned in the only role I actually cared about in the otherwise awful And you thought there is never a girl online? So who know so far it has not been picked up but we will see how it goes. Next is Long Riders! About Ami Kurata a first year Univerity student who becomes fascinated by cycling and ends up joining the long distance cycling club my hope is this could be the next BAKUON!! for me a slight but fun romp also nice to see some College girls in a series instead of the perpetual High School setting. Next is Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin the sequel to Winter's Bubuki Buranki the CGI Mecha series set in a dystopian future this could be bad or really good the first half had impressive twists and good fighting along with a cast the became slowly more layered as the series went on especially true with the villains with Reoko Banryuu being a prime example of this. Next is ClassicaLoid a series about Classical music composers running amok in modern day Japan helmed by staff that worked on Gin Tama and Mr Osatmatsu-San this for me is the original series to look out for in my opinion. It just looks like an anarchic stew of gags and surrealism next is the second of four original series I hope to watch Flip Flappers a Magical Girl Anime from Studio 3Hz about Papika and Cocona two girls who must find a magical crystal in another dimension. Visually this looks stunning so I can only hope the series holds up quality wise. Next is Shuumatsu no Izetta about a world war in wich the last living Witch Izetta uses her powers to defend her friends against the invading armies of Germania although, to be honest much like Keijo I'm watching this more because Hayami, Saori is cast in it than for any real interest in the story as it sounds a lot like Brave Witches the newest entry in the Strike Witches Mecha Musume franchise that I am also watching with a few differences. Next is Soushin Shoujo Matoi by Studio White Fox coming off of Re:Zero White Fox gets to make it's first original Anime a Magical Girl series about a girl who has to exorcise spirits this could be an interesting watch given the elements of Shinto tied into the Magical Girl elements. Last are Gi(a)rlish Number about aspiring Seiyuu with the original concept being written by the author of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU I like Anime that deal with industry aspects and this seems like it could have the potential to be if nothing else fun. Next is Magical Girl Raising Project based a Light Novel series about girls who are forced to participate in a death match to decide who will be the one true magical girl. Now, this looks grim and the fact that the director of Is The Order A Rabbit? is working on it only peaks my interest more. But now the question comes "what will I review?" and The answer is ClassicaLoid as I like the challenge of haveing to absurd comedy as drama and action are simpler genres and Comedy can be so subjective also since Ossumatsu-San was my best of the year for 2015 and I didn't review it reviewing ClassicaLoid will be my way of making up for that. All of that being said again it all depends on if it gets a legal license if it doesn't then I may just go with my plan b wich is something I've never done before and that would be to forgo the entire idea of a seasonal stream and instead review an episode of a random series I'm watching each week that is not part of the Fall 2016 season.

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