Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Best and Worst of Sumer 2016

My Best of the Summer goes to Mob Psycho 100 I could not stand One Punch Man so I wanted to see if this was any good or I could just decide One's stuff was not for me. Well, I came away really impressed not so much with the technical merit as impressive as that is. But with the fact that it made me care about characters like the Body Improvement Club or Tome Kurata. Even Arataka Reigen who could have been a grating con man came away as earnest and even insightful. So yes the visual polish is nice but that's really only the surface level of it. The real draw is that I came away caring about almost everybody and I had an emotional connection. As sometimes Anime that are technical spectacle can end up soulless being used just to show off the technique of the animators. Honourable Mentions: Orange: this gets an inclusion in that it nailed the tonal shifts from happy and bright to bleak and introspective without suffering too much whiplash and Yamashita, Seiichirou nailed Kakeru Naruse's [spoiler]depression and suicidal mind set[/spoiler] without making it sound whiny or self-absorbed. Also Hamasaki, Hiroshi's direction deserves to be praised as well. Love Live Sunshine: This is more a personal favourite than anything else as it "stuck the landing" and took a group of new characters and new Seiyuu and overcame the entrenched love of fans of the previous series and made their own statement. Worst: Berserk: It almost feels like everything bad that has been said about this series has been said better but I was never a fan of the original series so my disliking it is not based on complaints about adaptation. No, my problems have to do with its character writing while the animation is the most egregious part of the series. I found the writing to be much worse it felt like an epic fantasy dumbed down to a JRPG style dungeon crawl. Dishonourable Mention: Re-Write I watched this haveing not seen a Key Visual Novel Anime in years and boy did this show me that I am not the same person I was years ago. Rewrite is a tonally confused threadbare and emotionally manipulative tchotchke

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