Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Monster Secret Volume 3: Review

While the growing feelings for Shiragami that Kuromine has are explored at times from a sweetly awkward scene of them referring to each other by their first names to their great embarrassment or Kuromine still gamely trying to hide the fact that Shiragami is a vampire from his friends. For the most part, this is comedy through and through with most of the setup and punchline being based around how awful at things someone is from Akari trying to outwit Mikan and Nagisa after Akari has stolen Mikan prized glasses only to reveal what a rash and short-sighted Buffon the thousands of years old demon is and how fatuous her attempts at trying to troll people are. Another large part of the humor comes from perception versus reality the best example of this in the volume is Mikan the self-professed queen of evil is actually a caring older sister with a sentimental streak the humor mostly comes out of the absurdity of how this is revealed combined with reactions. While characterization also works as well from the dynamic of Shirou who acts mostly like Kazuma Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho while also being a neat freak due to haveing to deal with Shiho being a slob and Shiho being constantly on the prowl for implied "conquests" while she is also shown to actually be more perceptive than her slatternly manner would lead one to believe. In short, it is the straight man funny man dynamic and Eiji Masuda captures this well by allowing the straight man to be funny and the funny man to be serious. As a self-contained story, this volume works on its own while each chapter builds the world and develops the characters and story it still feels like any kind of resolution between whether Shiragami and kuromine will end up a couple is far off in the distance but the comedy works well enough and the few moments of them being close to each other feel authentic without being cloying or forced. While the interactions between Shiragami and Kuromine's three friends feels like the best mixture of comedy and character development in the volume striking the right balance between serious and silly

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