Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer 2016: Intial Thoughts on what I have seen and personal choices

Well the Summer 2016 Anime season is upon us and I've made som choices as to what to watch as well as choices on how I spend my time online more on that later but first the Summer season. Now I had said I'd be watching Masou Gakuen HxH and one episode is all I could take from cheap looking character design to a lame world invasion plot that's been done before, in short, it felt like nothing more than prurient soft-core pornography and one episode is all I could stomach. While Thunderbolt Fantasy was technically impressive but emotionally sterile with a plot line that from the first episode things might change but I don't know since I won't be watching it that felt reminiscent of Chaos Dragon wich I liked enough but was not that good. So I bailed on that while the first episode of the second cour of Active Raid is barely adequate and only held together by the relationship I have with the characters from the first season while the new characters seem one-dimensional "tropey." While Berserk looks awful the story is still good at capturing what people loved about the original while also expanding the story. So Berserk will live or die by its writing because the visuals are atrocious CGI that would have been unacceptable in the late 90s. Speaking of shows that look like they belong in the late 90s Cheer Boys it looks like an early Digipaint series comparable to the quality of Kite Liberator or Texhynolyze still it's an enjoyable look at an underrepresented competitive sport with a group of likeable college age guys and thankfully it does not wallow in the hot-blooded emotions found in sports anime for the most part. Instead focusing on the characters and trying to establish a team. Some of the story elements feel hackneyed like one of the characters deciding to do Cheerleading as a way to commemorate his dead parents but all and all it's winsome and doesn't feel like I'm trying to be sold on how "awesome" the thing the characters are doing is. While Orange I read and loved the entire Manga so watching it animated is a treat while the subtitle script Crunchyroll is using is different in parts than the translation Seven Seas had no one is bad as far as the Seiyuu go Kana Hanazawa is her regular good to great self and everyone else is good yet not as noticeable yet it all depends on if any of them can nail the big speech in the second half wich I will wait to see. While Hamasaki, Hiroshi as the director originally struck me as an odd choice given that he works he is most known for are the infamously bloody and dispiriting Shigurui and the first season of Terraformers. His fingerprints are all over it from the quiet minimalist set design to the hot whites and muted color pallet and sharp angles in characters posture. So while it may be an odd choice for a Director Hamasaki has enough skill and native talent to make something great if he is allowed to work freely. While Momikuri is a cringe-inducing look at obsessed love as a comedy that could get old fast while the visuals are cheap and ugly reminding me of Haiyoru! Nyaruani. Even Galko-Chan looked better than this so eh I hope it gets better. While I am still probably one of the few if only people watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 the Tv edit of the Gundam Unicorn OVA and I enjoy it but it's more something I watch for the Mecha dogfights as Banagher gets pretty passive and annoyingly stuck to an unrealistic moral code and honestly the members of Sleeves make for more interesting characters. Finally speaking of another Sunrise show we come to Love Live Sunshine... Wow! I did not expect to love this as much as I do now I was never the biggest μ's fan as at the time I had no real access to the music or translations of the interviews or character pieces in Dengeki G's Magazine. I have that now with Aqours and I've fallen headlong into the world of Love Live Sunshine from buying all the sub-unit singles and making my own fan-book to signing up for a premium membership on Daisuki so I can watch it as it comes out. While the series it'self is great I could say more but my long reviews of the series say more than enough on my feelings about it.

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