Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 9

I know I said this show runs on full bore cliche but egads when the motivation of the protagonist is literally "I want to protect everyone's smile". I can not help but laugh when the enemies motivation is "I want my freedom" it gets ridiculous when it becomes plot important for the protagonist to make out with the student council president so he can pass on his power this series goes into a kind of entertainingly bad that I can't stop watching in short it's a stupid kind of fun that has one-dimensional characterization leaps of logic and characters whose motivation change on a dime. Still while writing may be a special kind of bad and character design can look overly CG the mawkishly sentimental backgrounds of the hunters the weird harem elements make this at least fun to watch as opposed to the indecipherable mess that is Big Order. This will never be a good series in the way that a Anime like Princess Kaguya will be considered good but this is none the less a fun series that one can enjoy for the cringy writing and overly earnest character motivation taken from some kind of Shonen Manga template but this is good popcorn Anime if nothing else even if it is so moldering in it's cliches and tropes that it's reduced to a pile of putrescent goo that even Bot Flys would not touch.

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