Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 10

This was again another bad episode while the occasional bits of earnest emotion ring true giving the episode a sincerity that is often lacking in some of the more cynical Anime. It's the improbable character writing with the main villain being introduced and given no real motive outside of some vague possibly false motive to stop the Hundred users from overtaking the world. On top of characters being introduced only to be used as transparent cogs in the machinery of story progression. Along with a completely unnecessary maid cafe jaunt by Hayato and Emilia which leads to maid fan service and just more unintentional Yaoi pandering to those who don't know that Emilia is a girl it just breaks the bonds of believably. In short the series episode feels like filler and while it does allow for some character development it just develops the same character tropes we have seen for the past nine episodes making it redundant and lazy. While Okuno, Kaya (who voices Hayato's little sister) gets a chance to sing in the end it's the same cheap lazy non-animation used previously in Sakura's music performance. It's workmanlike J-Pop and Okuno gets the nervious edge to Karen well wich makes sense since she voiced and got her start voicing Kaya Kikuma in Wake Up Girls. It's a nice little bit of writing that gives Karen something other than being the "sulky little sister" character.

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