Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 7

The first half is standard beach episode fan service with Hayato accidentally falling into Claire's chest for what feels like the fourth or fifth time when Claire's older brother Judal shows up praises everyone and even lets Hayato in on what the real "power source" of Little Island is. It's a nice little bit of world building but sadly gets lost in the introduction of Emila's childhood best friend Claudia who is mostly played as the comically psychotic lesbian archetype it's funny for a few minutes but it's also set up to get old fast and be really annoying again it's an adequate episode that knows that ti's strengths are in fan service and small bits of character development. While honestly it's the secondary cast that makes it for me in particular Fritz and Reitia it would be nice if we got an episode based around them as the overall world is strong the main relationship of Hayato and Emila is bland even the harem element while thankfully not as overblown as some have become in the past this just feels like it's predetermined and as if no one has any real agency about who they love in short "the plot demands it". Still this is an entertaining trifle with some fun action scenes and a strong fictional universe that I really hope gets focused on more than the flaccid romantic plot lines.

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