Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 6

This episode ugh this episode!! Other than a pretty intense fight involving the severely underused almost couple of sniper Hundred user Fritz and up close grappler and brawler Reitia this is more because it's interesting to see a female character fight up close. and As I've said previously it's the little bits of character development or use of secondary characters that keeps me invested or that Hayato has not been turned into an overpowered Marty Stu. While the introduction of the mysterious hunters looks less to be a case of them Quislings and more sadistic black market arms dealers. While these Hunters have their own power set of everything from a Shirou Emiya style ability to copy weapons to CQC. Still nothing explained and most of the second half is dedicated to a badly animated musical number with most of the cast looking like the awesome face emoji and the episode ends with the classic harem set up of one of the girls sneaking into Hayato's bed only to be confronted by the other girls. It's cliche but this show is fueled by pure unleaded full-bore cliche. Besides, next week is a beach episode so everything is right for the time beeing.

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