Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 5

In this episode, the forced harem element gets first place in the first half with Hayato accidentally seeing Claire topless than falling into one of the other student Council members. That the series breaks from that into Hayato getting taken into an impromptu date with Emila it's cute to see her a chance to be a cute girl for a change. While finally Sakura turns up and narrates her entire back story while flashbacks show what happens for the last half of the episode till a cliffhanger involving an attack by one of the invaders. It's nice to Sakura get a fleshed out back story but it feels like a retread of so much other old 80s Science Fiction Anime from Baoh to Akira with evil conspiracies to turn children into weapons. It gives Sakura some more definition from being the sort of "Manic Pixie Idol Girl" when she was introduced but it's also like much of this show tiresome and done before but it's the small little pieces of character work that make it worth watching from Emila fretting over what to do with the drinks she has in both hands of Claire's change in facial expression and tone of voice when dealing with Hayato even Sakura felt a little better handled in this episode haveing more range but this episode still feels like a build up to a payoff that may never come

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