Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 4

Hayato ends up getting roped up into working as the bodyguard for popular idol Sakura Kirishima. Sakura for her part is focused on furthering her career by getting Hayato to go out with her for the publicity it's a cold calculated move that made Sakura an unlikeable character for me by far of what seems to be the slowly growing harem in this series Claire and Emila feel more nuanced than the fame hungry idol. In fact, a part where Claire's mask starts slipping or little nice actions happen is interesting. While Emila is a different kind of female protagonist being forward without throwing herself at Hayato while Hayato's memories feel scrambled wich could lead to some twist with Sakura but so far she is the least likeable character in the episode. While fan service is plentiful in this episode and it is the cliche "protagonist accidently walks in on female, character" type stuff it's still handled humorously enough to not feel insipid. While hints at a darker edge to the story are hinted at the end. this still is not a good series by any stretch but at least the small little character moments and the performances by the Seiyu keep it from being completely artless.

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