Monday, May 23, 2016

Key The Metal Idol: First Impressions (Episodes 1-2)

An early 90s OVA directed and written by Hiroaki Sato Key the Metal Idol tells the story of the titular Key a robot girl who is told by her dying creator that she must make 30'000 friends or she will cease to function. This leads her to Tokyo where she almost gets coerced into making Pornography until she is saved by a chance encounter with her childhood friend Sakura Kuriyagawa. The first two episodes are all a murky atmosphere of implied dread the deadpan emotionless Key trying to fulfill the last words of her dead creator with flashbacks to the earlier parts in her life in wich people belittle her as a robot this reminded me of the subtext in Astro Boy where robots are mocked but this is also a general trope in Sci-Fi as well. Iwao, Junko as Key is an odd performance emotionless, cold, and factual but also naive in short the perfect robot this is played with great effect against Nagasawa, Miki as Sakura although Nagasawa's portrayal can sound a little histrionic and panicky in parts it works to offset the emotional detachment of Iwao's performance. fOr the first two episodes, it sets up an intriguing premise with another storyline underneath Key's of a mysterious weapons manufacturer that is making Robots for military purposes and wants to seek out Key as well for some reason. Things are hinted at and it's all very disconcerting but for two episodes so far it's given me a lot to hink on and wonder how something so seemingly dense and eerie will go in a total of fifteen episodes. Expect to see a review of this series as I watch it two or more episodes each as I feel this is a series that deserves attention.

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