Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Key The Metal Idol: Episodes 3-13

Picking up with the third episode the series continues it's probing of the question of Key's consciousness while also introducing a subplot involving a Japanese "New Religion" that starts to think of Key as some sort of Messiah. Also given the fact that these episodes were made around the time of March 20, 1995, Tokyo subway sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo it wouldn't be too much of stretch to see the cult The Church of the Golden Snake Savior as a more inept analog to the infamous cult run by Shoko Asahara. This point aside wich includes some rather brutal scenes of D randomly killing cultists when he tries to take out Key. Fro the most part focuses on Key being in very much a blank slate while also apparently being able to tap into some sort of latent power that feels like a sort of "Manchurian Candidate" style power set instituted by her Grandfather. It's not really explained it just happens while the use of gel is actually tied into the Idol industry in some unsettling and none too subtle criticism oof the entertainment industry. I also watched all of the episodes six through 13 dubbed to get a feel for the dub track and some of the performances range from good to just okay Megan Leitch as Sakura Kuriyagawa is stiff and unemotive in comparison to Miki Nagasawa. While Nicole Oliver as Key is able to keep the unemotive aspects of the character without haveing it sound wooden or affected it also helped that as part of the performance a vocal filter was placed over her lines so Key's voice sounds even more metallic and robotic. As a rule, I prefer Subs to Dubs but this is a very good dub for the most part of particular note is Brian Drummond's scenery chewing performance as Hikaru Tsurugi Key's instructor who is unhinged in his pretensions to genius the series moves forward to its climax at a brisk paceing and while still almost nothing is known about Key other than little bits of her past and hints that her mother may be some kind of prefectural "demigod". It is still very much all mood and tone with characters being there to react in this strange world of conspiracies and a literally cannibalistic Entertainment Industry. How this will end I don't know but it's definitely unlike much of anything I have seen but could be seen as the spiritual ancestor to series like Clamp's Chobits or Plastic Memories while also raising some of the same questions that Ghost In The Shell raised about Transhumanism and Identity

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