Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Key The Metal Idol: Episodes 14-15 (Spoilers)

With this, the OVA series comes to an end with two Movie length episodes bringing the story to an indulgent end. With this the mystery of "what" Key is, is answered with her actually being a broken girl who like I thought was a "sleeper agent" to take out Ajo Heavy Industries while Sakura is sadly "harvested" for her gel (wich it turns out is an actualization of the human life force). While Wakagi and Tataki seek to save Sakura in episode 14 and bring about Key's "Idol debut"/ Making her human. Which it actually turns out that Key never was a Robot this was simply a girl who had powers so great she put herself into a mental state that kept her power in check. Sadly large parts of Episode 14 are long expository dialogues by Tataki about the importance of Idols that are downright soporific slowing down the pacing and momentum of the series. While episode 15 is nothing but "go" from start to finish with it building to ending that may frustrate some for its inconclusiveness. With Key almost bringing about an "Instrumentality Ending, till she learns that though being human is painful life has it's joys and sorrows in this one can see the zeitgeist of early 90s Sci-Fi and Mecha OVAs, Ghost In The Shell, or the latter Neon Genesis Evangelion. With a questioning of humanity and very much a "world of pain". Feel to it as is Key The Metal Idol is an interesting anomaly in a world of Anime that no longer exists when one could make an OVA sell it and overall make an interesting piece of art for a small base of fans. While Key is indulgent at times soporific in its pummeling of the message into the head of the audience and the dub feels wooden. It is still something I don't feel bad haveing watched because it is something that obviously had a lot of love put into it. It's a confusing but thoughtful piece on basic questions of what it means to be human while also allowing for flashy Sci-Fi battles.

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