Saturday, April 2, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Luck & Logic Episode 12

The first half of the episode brings the last story arc of Olga becoming the avatar for Lucifer to an end with Yoshichika making the heroic sacrifice and he and Athena losing their logic cards all are found except for Yoshichika's memory and Athena's sympathy the quest leads into what will most likely be season two. This is a series that felt afraid to try anything mature or nuanced wasting time on tired cliche character motivations and tropes. A tired uninspired exercise in character writing with occasional flashes of visual and character animation that felt wasted on such a thin premise. In short this was a choir that I did not find enjoyable and while not a train wreck and it kept the moral center of the story it felt like it had all been done before and better elsewhere.

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