Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode One

In some ways, an unremarkable series is harder to write about than an actively bad one. Hundred so far is just such a series focusing on a distant future where the world has been invaded by creatures called Savages who wreak havoc with the only hope of beating them being are people called Slayers who can control the titular Hundred which gives each person a weapon that fits their skill set and compatibility with it. In this world enters Hayato Kisaragi our protagonist who enrolls in the training academy known as The Little Garden who has the highest compatibility rating ever and has become kind of a celebrity for this fact. While also meeting a boy named Emil Crossford who takes a liking to Hayato but also has a tendency to speak his mind too much such as when speaking back to Class President Claire Harvey when the president expels two students for being late to student orientation. This leads to again more really transparent character introductions and exposition and world building some dumb jokes. Along with odd quasi-romantic interactions between Emil and Hayato, I don't think this is trying to be Number Six so I do not think BL will be in the works. As is the characterization is flat but everyone is doing the best with it Rumi Ōkubo as a Bishonen is quite cute but again like the first episode of Phantom World the only thing that may keep me invested is the performance of one Seiyu. still this has potential to be better than it should be if the writeing gets better.

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