Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 3 (Spoilers)

While the first two episodes were transparent worldbuilding and felt more like an exposition of the world of hundred this episode actually lets the world be the world and develops the characters while also dispensing with one of the more contrived "secrets" in the series. Animation while "melty" in spots has a fluid movement of some of the Hundred Units from the whip chain to drill lance. weapon design is inventive even Hayato's sword has interesting little articulations in it. While characters actually have some interaction, Emile is actually the girl that Hayato saved in the flashback in episode one (Emilia Hermit being the name Hayato remembers her by.)Emilia is actually an odd female lead she is not overly Tsundere (that would be Claire's purview or any of the other easily quantifiable character archetypes found in female Anime leads. She gets jelious of Hayato and Claire getting close wich is more cute than obnoxious while Claire herself is an odd mixture of girlish insecurities and hardened veteran who does not want to see others suffer. With its mixture of cliche comedy, action, and other tropes this episode feels like the series has found its place and footing making a marked improvement over the first two episodes.

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