Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Stream 2016: Hundred: Episode 2

Sometimes watching a bad series you have to find aspects of it to keep your interest Hundred opens up and not thirty seconds into the fight between Claire and Hayato the old "accidently grope the female character's bosom" trope is used. It's tiresome to see a show fall back on this hoary cliches but how it's done is at least entertaining. While the battle animation is crisp, fluid and propulsive. While also haveing the aftermath show that Claire is more than the hard-edged and punctilious student council president. Hayato is meanwhile set up as some sort of "chosen one" savant it's another cliche but Hayato while often clueless and unbelievably dense he's not insufferable more confused by the situation. While Emile is it's unbelievably painful the amount of suspension of disbelief concerning what seems like an awful attempt at a mystery. In fact, the world seems more interesting than the characters who are passable at best with it's technology and monsters I hope this doesn't go into "battle harem" territory and more action happens but I don't know this simply feels like two episodes of world building with minimal character progression although I do like the fact that Hayato's little sister Karen is still in the story as it thankfully gives Hayato and the story someone or something to focus on than transparent romantic set-up or exposition. I want to like this series and hope episode three with its promise of a battle with the hinted at Savages will bring the story to a place of full construction.

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