Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring 2016 Streaming Plans: The One Review Season

First, as the title says I'm only reviewing one series this season is Hundred it's an Anime based on a Light Novel that is still being written and has nine volumes out so far and a compleated Manga it's a "battling school" Anime and I have a soft spot this convention just because it's sort of a throwback to the old "blood and guts" style of old Battle and Sports Manga like Tomorrow's Joe and Charge! Men's Private School (wich had some comedic elements). I have no idea what to think but I felt like given my proclivities for this trope I'd review it. As far as why only one show honestly Winter was me watching a lot of things and trying to review four series kind of scrambled my brain and two of the four (Phantom World and Luck & Logic) were really bad. So I figured pick one show review that than watches whatever else just to watch it. So everything else will be things I'll be watching but not reviewing episode by episode, of course, all of this is based on streaming rights being picked up by a legal streaming service. So for what I'm watching is Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? about a guy so traumatized by an experience online that he convinces himself that there are no girls on the internet until he meets a girl who actually plays as a female online but has no social skills. Sounds funny and since I play as a female warrior on the Rise of Mythos MMO I found it a little funny character design looks nice and the main girl is cute as a button so give it a try. Next is Uchuu Patrol Luluco a short series by Studio Trigger the only other short series by Trigger I've seen is Inferno Cop (I didn't finish it)this is about a super ordinary girl who lives in The Milky Way with her Dad and meets a mysterious transfer student that changes her life. Again as with No Yome Omotta, this is a "stab in the dark" that I have no idea what to expect but I like short series and Trigger can be fun sometimes. Next are the two-second season series first Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season the continuation of last season's Asterisk War I expect this to be an extended tournament arc with some harem elements but if the action animation holds up and we get more of Nao Touyama vamping it up as Claudia Enfield I'll be fine. Then there's Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou - The Last Song season one was essentially Alan Moore's Watchman with Tokusatsu characters season two looks to keep up the dark political element and the fact that you have Gen Urobuchi, Kazuki Nakashima, and Masaki Tsuji working on scripts if pulled off right this could be contender for best of the season if not best of the year possibly. As well as two with screenplays from Mari Okada the mystery series The Lost Village and Studio Trigger's next original series Kiznaiver, Okada has made some things I've loved like Anohana and one series I absolutely hated in Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea. As far as Lost Village goes it's a mystery series and that has been kind of a hit or miss genre for finding series I like in that genre as like Perfect Insider it devolved into a convoluted locked room mystery or the mystery (as what happened in Haru Chika and made me drop it after seven episodes)the mystery is too simple and it hinges on the characters involved being annoyingly dumb while making the protagonist too smart. While Erased made the antagonist both too dumb and too smart but I digress hopefully this story of a group of students loaded on a bus and dropped in the middle of a ghost town will be good but early impressions have been that it's "try hard". I'll see though Kiznaiver is a Trigger production and while I liked Kill La Kill when in aired I also didn't see any of the series Trigger did after this and my attempt to watch Inferno Cop failed. SO I can hope this original series about people bound by their physical wounds and psychological abnormalities will be interesting but who knows? So far what I have seen it very much looks like a "Trigger Show". I'll wait and see on this one for the time being. Next is Joker Game by Production I.G. based on a novel set on the eve of WWII with a mysterious black ops force trying to track down documents and also the training involved in espionage. It's a "spy thriller" series wich is another genre like the mystery that I'm rather ignorant of but it's Production I.G. and it deals with an interesting period of time so it could be good so I'll give it a try. The final two are bungo Stray Dogs another novel adaptation this one based around the super-powered versions of classic Japanese novelists of the cast the only one I have a passing familiarity with are Osamu Dazai and Kenji Miyazawa so I can hope the learning curve or amount of prior knowledge is not too steep but from a design standpoint it looks nice and overall sounds interesting but I'll see. Finally is Bakuon!! A series about a group of cute girls and motorcycles nothing too deep and something I simply picked up because the character design looked cute and given the heady stuff I'll be watching this season something light and fluffy wouldn't be that bad an idea another light and fluffy series that I'll be watching as well is Flying Witch a series about witches in modern times basically a slice of life series with a touch of magical realism along with BIG ORDER the newest series based on the work from Esuno Sakae, the author of Mirai Nikki I only made it six episodes into Mirai Nikki because it became a cringe exercise in "try-hard edgy". With that my Spring watching plans are set so look forward to the review of Hundred and remember since I'm a "free member" on Hulu and Crunchyroll I'm a week behind everyone else. last minute addition of High School Fleet an orginal series set in afutrue Japan were most of it has been submurged due to a shift in the tectonic plates one thousand years ago. Cute girls pilot ships to defend Japan could be cute slice of nothing or a disturbing use of Anime to premote Japanese Militrism I don't know but "pull the trigger" on this one and see what happens. With that Spring Stream has finaly come to a close no more new shows after this on my word.

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