Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winter Stream 2016: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Episode 11

In this episode, Haruhiko is aged down to being a small child and Mai ends up taking care of him for most of the episode until status quo is returned at the end. As an emotional experience, this is a bittersweet episode you get to see Haruhiko have a childhood that it seems he never got to have while Mai really goes above and beyond to be fundamentally decent despite the problems she has haveing to care for a now grade school aged Haru. However, this would be more effective if this was shown and not told there are parts where the visuals tell the story better than one of the characters expositing their back story. The few really sad or melancholic parts like the realization that HAruhiko never got to experience such simple things as a playground and his voracious reading seems less like that of a precocious intellectual and more the escape of someone who has no other recourse or escape from reality. Also, I have to be thankful that Kafka got a mention as well. IT's nice to see Mai be more than the raging Tsundere Martial Arts wielder and while the series is still stuck in the autopilot of "Monster of The Week" storylines, at least, actual character growth is being done within this framework much like how Sailor Moon had essentially the same story line for it's entire run but used it to grow and deepened the characters as a quick comparison. I still wish it was more show than tell much of the story could be told through simple camera shots or implied by holding shots or expressions.

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