Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Winter Stream 2016: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Episode 9

The more the series progresses the less it feels like a narrative with an actual destination and instead a weak weekly attempt at window dressing for whatever costume or "of the week" idea in of it'self an episodic plot can be handled well and be enertaining even if it is not thematicly rich or deap Myriad Colors Phantom World is not even enertaing it is simply a pile of badly writen archatyple charcters that take what could be an intresting sistuation and instead suck all intrest and spark of verve and vim out of it with the flat and wooden voice acting it is a series that begs to be enjoyed superficaly becuese nothing of any real note is going on it is simply style over substance. This episode focusing on The Shinsengumi and peroid dramas while the small attention to details from Edo era dialect to the the robes of The Shinsengumi wear it all rings hollow and empty.

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