Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Myriad Colors Phantom World: Episode 12

In a thematic continuation from last episode Haruhiko's long absent Mother returns while an unknown Phantom is wreaking havoc on the special powers community by stealing their powers. The scenes with HAruhiko's Mom while cute feel off and the easy forgiveness with wich Haruhiko gives his Mother feels unrealistic. While it is nice to finally get some characterization for Haruhiko outside of being the information and trivia spewing bookworm he has been and the girls obvious concern for their friend is nice as well. This feels less like the penultimate episode of a series and more like a set up for a potential season two wich is how most Light Novel adapted Anime end up functioning. It's a pity though with this episode things seemed to jell and if the twist at the end had not happened I would have been happy for it to have a simple hand waving happy ending. Yet that's not what I got instead this just feels like more of the same "water treading" the series has been infamous for in my estimation. I can hope the final episode gives some kind of closure or, at least, a good stopping point till a potential season 2.

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