Sunday, March 27, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Luck & Logic: Episode 11

While the use of enemies from previous episodes shows a lack of ingenuity in how to have the fights go the fights themselves are well choreographed and helps show the strengths of each character in battle and allow for their personalities to shine through. Sadly this is a series that seems afraid to have any kind of maturity and not the kind of "maturity" were character deaths are cheap that any kind of development Olga has now been reduced to a one-dimensional "utopia at any cost" megalomaniac. While the character designs make the gold and silver saints in Saint Saya look conservative in comparison with weak character design ham-fisted speechifying passing as dialogue and character development and earlier plot elements from flashbacks now being used in real time looked at as plot progression. This is a tired episode that thankfully only has one more episode to go but even that feels too long.

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