Saturday, March 19, 2016

Winter 2016 Stream: Luck & Logic Episode 10

This episode continues the biggest tonal shift in the series and continues the story from the last episode with Olga essentially becoming the avatar for Lucifer who runs a sort of utopian cult based around using people to bring in other fallen Gods like Lucifer. While Olga turning evil feels in retrospect like a forgone conclusion it's still an interesting turn to see a character who has mostly been an impotent joke for the nine previous episodes gain power and while the person driven to the brink by the thrill of haveing power is a hackneyed trope and this series excels in nothing if not dusting off hackneyed tropes and if not making good use of them, at least, useing them to string the story along till the well crafted fight sequences can be gotten to. Stil as characters all are flat one-dimensional and feel cut out of a Shonen Screenwriting 101 book of some kind. Interesting movement and shot placement capturing the chaos of expolisons and the psychological deterioration of the betrayed team members. While the cold haughty speechifying of Olga make for a more interesting fight than the regular martial arts battle against the monster of the week. An improvement by far but when the previous episodes have been so hacky I may have just settled for something that is okay and think it is exponentially better in compareson to the previous bad to awful nine episodes.

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