Saturday, February 27, 2016

Winter Stream 2016: Luck & Logic: Episode 7

IT's harder to review something that is boring and bad instead of simply bad but seems to at least show that people cared enough to work on it. This episode is emblematic of the tired mixture of romantic drama and ham-handed cliche ridd ed character development. The two rather gratituos instances of fanservice felt like a lame attempt to bolster intrest in an epsidoe that tries to show charcter interactions but when you have charcters this unintresting and one demensional it's hard to care about anything. This is a cold sterile attempt at an action series that feels like a chore to watch each week due to how uninspired it is. What little hints of something better the first episode had are now long gone and replaced with a tired boilerplate series that can't even be an enertaining deversion.

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